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*** ANNOUNCEMENT: Please read the Tips & Info document and Runner Handbook ***

Call Demery Cox at 817-793-3064 or email

You can also RSVP (and invite your friends) to the Facebook Event

Race will be chip timed by COX RACING SERVICES

Hell's Half Acre 50K, 25K, and 5K

2017 Virtual 5K $30.00
Commit to run 5K (or longer) for the unisex 5K tech-shirt and 3" 5K finisher's medal.

2017 Virtual 25K/50K $40.00
Commit to run 25K (or 50K) for the gender-cut 25K/50K tech-tank top and 5" 25K/50K finisher's medal.

*** ANNOUNCEMENT: For those of you who missed our July 8, 2017 event, we now have the Hell's Half Acre Virtual Run ***

Run a 5K (or longer) to earn your unisex 5K tech T-shirt and 3" 5K finisher's medal.

Run a 25K (or 50K) to earn your gender-cut 25K/50K tech-tank and 5" 25K/50K finisher's medal.

The Cox Running Club is organizing our 2nd Annual Hell’s Half Acre 50K, 25K, & 5K! 

Come join us on July 14th to see old friends and make new ones. Runners and race walkers from all over the community are welcome to come out and participate in the Cox Running Club events. Come on out and bring your family and friends to run, walk, and enjoy our entertainment. Come to run and stay for the fun!

History of a portion of Fort Worth also known as Hell’s Half Acre: (Wikipedia) In which is now home of the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth City Hall, Omni Fort Worth, Fort Worth Water Gardens, and Sheraton Hotel.

Texas is a place where legends are made, die, and are revived. Fort Worth, Texas, claims its own legend – Hell’s Half Acre, Hell's Half Acre was a rough and rowdy precinct of Fort Worth, Texas originating during the early to mid-1870s in the Old Wild West.

The half-acre block was originally designated from tenth street to fifteenth street while intersecting with Houston street, Main street, and Rusk street with Throckmorton and Calhoun streets established as boundaries. The Chisholm Trail and Texas and Pacific Railway were branded as the economic driving force leading to the progressive development of the rambunctious red-light district.

Hell's Half Acre consisted of boarding houses, brothels, gambling parlors, hotels, saloons, and a sparse assortment of mercantile businesses. The twenty-two thousand square foot ward caught the glimpse of such Old West personalities as Bat Masterson, Butch Cassidy, Doc Holliday, Etta Place, Luke Short, Sam Bass, Sundance Kid, and Wyatt Earp.

A 1906 newspaper headline calling the district Fort Worth's den of sin and refuge of criminals was representative of periodic efforts to clean up the district. These efforts proved unsuccessful until Army officials at Camp Bowie, established here during World War I, helped local officials shut the district down. By 1919, Fort Worth's "Third Ward" was disavowed as a den of iniquity due to the law enforcement efforts of Jim Courtright and the Protestant orations of John Franklyn Norris.

All participants of the 5K will receive Custom 3-Inch Finishers Medals.  All participants of the 25K & 50K will receive Custom 5-Inch Finishers Medals.

5K Races shirts are Unisex Technical Fabric. 25K & 50K & Race shirts are Gender-Specific Technical Fabric. (NOTE: Race shirt size & availability only guaranteed for pre-registered participants.)

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When & Where
Event Date:
Saturday, July 14, 2018  
Event Location:
Trinity Park Pavilion 3
2401 University Drive
Fort Worth TX 76107

Exact Location
Location Map


*** ANNOUNCEMENT: Please read the Tips & Info document and Runner Handbook ***

Call Demery Cox at 817-793-3064 or email

You can also RSVP (and invite your friends) to the Facebook Event

Race will be chip timed by COX RACING SERVICES